Solar Program

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We’ve been energised!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve completed the final stage of work to install our roof top solar system at Broadmeadows Central.

Over 6,000 solar PV panels have been installed, which if laid end-to-end equals about 12kms worth of solar or a trip to from the centre to Roxburgh Village and back! And even better, the 2.1 megawatts (MW) capacity system is energised and already generating power.

We’ve joined the growing number of Vicinity centres able to utilise clean, renewable energy from their solar installations to help power the centre, reduce reliance on the national grid and make a positive environmental impact for the local community.

Learn about our Solar Program
Jeroam Whittington (Centre Manager) and Anthony Mason (Centre Operations Manager) inspect our newly energised solar system

The addition of solar at Broadmeadows Central also brings Vicinity even closer to our expected 31 MW total capacity in 2019. This will provide annual energy generation of over 48,500 MWh - enough to power the equivalent of 8,300 average Victorian homes or 11 MCGs for a year.

Vicinity’s General Manager Energy and Commercial, Renae Sambrooks said: The new solar installation at Broadmeadows Central is another demonstration of Vicinity’s ongoing commitment to, and investment in, renewable energy. By embedding innovation, such as solar, in our portfolio we can deliver shared value for our customers, retailers, investors and communities.

Centre Manager, Jeroam Whittington said: It’s an exciting time for Broadmeadows Central as we look to utilise our own energy generation to support the centre, our retailers and the local Broadmeadows community. Our solar program has also inspired the team to think about how we can do more for the community when it comes to renewables and waste management.

Our national solar program includes several innovations and firsts for the Australian retail property sector, including Australia’s first retail battery, energy block chain trial, bifacial solar panel and solar glass trials.

Vicinity’s solar program is delivering intelligent energy destinations across its national centre portfolio to create greater resilience for the surrounding network, as well as shared value for customers, retailers, investors and the communities they live and operate in.

Learn about our Solar Program
A view of just some of the 6,000 solar panels installed on the roof of Broadmeadows Central