You may get your food quickly, but we take a lot of time behind the scenes to prepare your food. The team starts early every morning chopping fresh vegetables and coriander, cooking rice & corn chips to perfection, mashing ripe avocados and taste testing the fresh guac.

We're all about creating wholesome, fresh food ̱ without taking any short cuts. For that reason, your meal is only made when you order it even our irresistible Mexicrinkles.

Our signature mouth-watering recipes delight the senses and are full of authentic Mexican flavours that will keep you coming back for more.

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Salsas new summer chicken salad

Do you like the idea of eating salad, more than you actually enjoy eating salad? Salsas new Chicken Summer Salad is full of all the good stuff and packed with the big Mex flavours you know and love, plus it’s only $9.95!

Terms & Conditions Ends 11 Mar 2018

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