The Nappy Collective

What is the Nappy Collective?

The Nappy Collective is a volunteer run, community based organisation established in 2013, with the purpose of redistributing unused and leftover nappies to organisations that support mothers in crisis or families in need. They have collected nappies in 63 cities and towns across Australia, and sorted and redistributed them to benefit over 200 organisations. To date, they have collected over 2 million nappies which is proof of the power of community and collective giving.

What are the dates for the collective?

The Collective will run from Friday 4th May – Friday 18th May (inclusive) and be located in front of the customer service desk, Broadmeadows Central.

Where do the nappies go?

The nappies are passed on to a number of women’s shelters and organisations in the local community that support victims of domestic violence, homeless mothers and mothers in crisis.

What do I need to do to donate?

Directly place them in the drop box provided.

Can you accept cloth nappies?

They do not accept cloth nappies. Unfortunately cloth nappies are not practical for the families they assist as they do not have access to private laundering facilities.

Do the nappies need to be in packaging?

They will happily accept unused nappies from open packaging. The nappies, however, must be clean.

Do you accept other baby goods?

They only accept disposable nappies and disposable nappy bags. No creams or other baby products please.

Is the Nappy Collective a Charity?

The Nappy Collective is a registered charity powered by volunteers across Australia.